Obtaining an AFSL can be an important step in your business.  We have extensive experience in obtaining full AFSL, limited AFSL or ACLs and have supported many successful businesses to obtain their own Licence.  We can carry out the whole licencing process for you or we can support you through the licensing process.  

Licence applications are all about detail.  We understand that ASIC rejects many applications because details contained within those application are either incorrect, poorly expressed and at times inadequately executed by inexperienced applicants.  We work closely with you, and one staff member of our team will be your champion, ensuring your licence application is skilfully and actively managed throughout the licensing process.


We provide all kinds of services to help accountants obtain an AFSL.  If you would like to use our free resources to obtain a Licence, please visit our Accountant Licence website.  If you would like our assistance with the whole process, you can generate an online enquiry or call us on 08 9381 6187.

Financial planners

Many financial planners are finding that their clients are increasingly uncomfortable with connections with product providers, and are seeking advice from a professional who is autonomous.  We can assist you to efficiently obtain your own licence.

Managed funds

There are many types of different managed funds.  Fund managers and trustees may require an AFSL.  These licences generally require assistance from people experienced with the establishment and running of managed funds.  Our staff have this experience, and provide a superior service in this area.


The process of obtaining a credit licence can be more accessible than the process for obtaining an AFSL.  Nevertheless, we can lift the burden from you, by providing help with our pre-generated forms and extensive licensing experience. 



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