We provide specialist services for accountants.  Licensee Solutions director, Fiona Halsey, was previously a director and in-house counsel for Ernst & Young.  Prior to that, she worked as a business and tax adviser at KPMG.  Fiona has also been a national councillor for the TIA, and brings an understanding of the internal workings of accounting firms to her work.

Licensee Solutions provides licensing and compliance services to accountants in a way that accountants find comfortable.

We allow accountants to maintain their valued autonomy.  Many accountants tell us that their clients come to them because the clients will receive individual and fearless advice.  Engaging a professional compliance consultant that is not owned by, or linked to, a financial institution or product provider is an integral part of maintaining the accounting firm's neutrality and autonomy.  Holding your own AFSL sends a clear message to clients that your advice is non-aligned. 

Licensee Solutions can provide or refer an accounting firm with everything it needs to establish a compliant and successful financial services business, including

  • licensing (new and variations)
  • compliance committee meetings 
  • licensee regulatory review 
  • representative client file review 
  • customised training 
  • general consulting 

You may also find our specialist accountant’s licence website helpful.  The site includes, many free resources that can be used by accounting firms when considering licensing issues. 



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